Badoo Premium APK 5.281.0 download For Android 

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Badoo Premium APK 5.281.0 download For Android 

We love to chat and connect with people all over the world, but there’s no denying that the Badoo Premium APK is one of the best places to do it. We not only give you the free version, but you can also download Badoo premium APK for free on your android.  

badoo premium apk

So, if you have been using the free version of the Badoo app, it’s time you started using its premium features to find a perfect match and have fun. Let’s get started! 

App Info 

App Name  Badoo Premium APK 
Size  53MB 
Updated  11 August 2022 
Installations  100 million+ 
Compatible With  Only Android 
Mod Info  Premium Unlocked  
Get Original Version On    Playstore 

What is Badoo? 

Badoo is a social network for meeting new people through your phone. Over 100 million users worldwide and allows you to chat, search for people nearby, flirt, and much more.  

Free online dating app that allows you to meet new people and chat with them. It is available only for android but in the future, you may use the Badoo app for windows, iOS, and many other devices. 

Why Use Badoo APK? 

Currently, more than 100+ billion people are using the internet to date. So, there’s no denying the fact that online dating has become a highly popular way of finding a partner. 

Through Badoo, you can meet new people in your area, chat with them, flirt or have a date. You can also make friends and have fun. You can make new friends and have a great time with them.  

If you are in an area where it is difficult to meet people, a Badoo app is the best possible way. This app helps you to meet new people, test your relationship skills and find out where you live. 

How Does Badoo App Work? 

Join Badoo through your mobile phone. The user interface is easy to use and very intuitive. You can quickly create new accounts if you wish to. It allows you to send a message, charm, have fun, chat, meet and connect with new people.  

You can search for people nearby and find them. It is also possible to check all the activities of your friends and see their profiles as well. You can also see all the photos and videos of your friends on the Badoo APK. 

Features of Badoo APK 

Badoo gives you everything you want in a social network for your smartphone. It has everything from news and takeaways to photos, videos, events, and much more. If you are excited about meeting new people, then the features of Badoo APK will surely excite you more. Here are some of its best features: 

1. Free Online Dating 

Tired of paying for online dating sites? Then Badoo is the perfect alternative for you. You can easily meet new people and enjoy chatting with them for free. This helps you to find the perfect match you have been looking for. 

2. Find New Friends 

Are you bored in your current place and want new friends? Badoo’s photo-sharing feature will make it easy for you to meet new people and make new friends. You can share your photos and let friends know about your visits to different places. This way, you will get to connect with people from all over the world. 

3. Video Calls or Chat 

You may have tried several video calling apps, but have you tried Badoo’s? Badoo offers free video calls on android devices, making it easier for you to meet new people. You can chat and flirt with your date, even before meeting him or her. No more waiting around, just chats and meet people who share your interest. 

4. Private Detector 

To protect against indiscriminate images, It will blur those that you see in the application. If a graphic image is detected in the app, It will blur it and warn you of the content. This show that Badoo cares about your privacy while you use its app. 

5. Rude Message Detector  

You will never have to face being abused again. Badoo’s rude message detector can detect whether a user is sending you a message in bad humor, or if it is just an offensive joke. With this feature, you will be able to differentiate between what is a fun message and what is not. You can easily block such users easily. 

6. Block User 

If someone harasses you online, block him or her from your profile. This way, they will not be able to send you messages. You may also keep track of the blocked users and read their messages later. Badoo will ensure that you are safe online. 

7. Verified Profiles 

You will no longer have to worry about dating profiles that are fake. Badoo makes it easier for you to identify the real person that you are talking to. You can easily identify the real users of Badoo on your profile and judge their integrity. This way, you will never have to worry about dating people who are not real. 

8. Customize your profile 

If you are bored with the standard design of your Badoo profile, you can easily customize its design according to your preferences. You will be able to change its background and color and even change your photo. It’s easy to set up any personal style. 

9. Easy to Use Interfaces 

Badoo is simple and fast, which makes it the best choice for your dating app. You can easily find all the features you need on Badoo’s interface. It is easy to use and even beginners will not have trouble understanding its works. 

10. Safety Center 

Badoo cares about your safety online. If you do not feel safe on its platform, you can easily make a report. Badoo will also provide resources to help you report any violations of your rights. It’s simple and easy. 

Benefits of Using Badoo Premium APK 

This is the premium version of the Badoo dating app and works like the free version of the application. Badoo Premium APK is compatible with all Android devices. The premium features are: 

  1. Find out who’s added to their favorites and meet singles near them.
  2. The time to meet with friends and make new ones has arrived.
  3. Start with a message that commonly accesses a means of contact.
  4. Swiped to the left on the person of your desires? You can head back to Premium and get a match!

Sounds Cool? Right? Now it’s time to download Badoo Premium APK for free. Because we have provided the latest version of Badoo premium APK for you. We will keep updating this article with the latest version of Badoo Premium so stay tuned. 

Is Badoo safe? 

Yes, Badoo is 100% safe to use. Its main aim is to help you find new friends. It will never share your personal information with anyone, and it also does not store any of your information. Relax and have fun with Badoo! 


You can see Badoo APK is an awesome free online dating app that can help you to meet new people. It is the best choice of all dating apps out there, as it has good features, an easy-to-use interface, and amazing results.  

With Badoo APK premium apk, you will get more controls and features and the app will be completely free of ads.  

So, after downloading this app, what feature do you like the most? Why don’t you give Badoo premium feature a try and share your experience with us? We will love to hear from you! 

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