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In the game Best Fiends Mod APK – Match 3 Puzzles, which takes place in an alien invasion-infested globe, you must use match three to defeat your foes. You will have the chance to set some new buddies free and there will be a different condition for each level. Your pals will also each have special abilities and be compatible with the game’s matchmaking components. As a result, you’ll take your time discovering these fascinating things.

best fiendsmod apk

Before players enter the world of Minutia, an exciting experience takes place in Best Fiends – Free Puzzle Game. They will cooperate with their friends to overcome obstacles and use strategic moves to defeat the foes in their path. At the same time, as the game advances, the difficulty rises daily and thrilling events with pleasant surprises play out in fresh updates.


During the Halloween season, Best Fiends events with a similar theme, such as Fright Night and Halloween Mystery, are certain to be held. Due to the significant rewards, these two events, which play slightly differently, attract gamers. Obtaining characters connected to these two events is what encourages gamers to take part in this stage. Of course, there are problems awaiting your completion, and they only exist for a set period of time.

Take part in the mission to drive the Invaders out.

Peace is there in the land of the Best Fiends, but it is brief because alien visitors arrive from a great distance in space. The army of powerful slugs arrived on Mount Boom, where the main protagonists reside, thanks to a meteorite. They strive to gradually take over the planet while destroying everything that gets in their way. In order to defeat them, you and your

Mount Boom buddies will use block power.

Match-three games make up the majority of the gameplay in this game. Due to the popularity of match-three among many players, it is exciting. Players must make sure that they make connections rather than moving a block in order to complete a match. You will link objects that are close to one another and meet the requirements for the connect techniques inside the game screen.

The requirements at each level and the number of moves you can execute will both have an impact on this level. At the same time, every level has various requirements, and occasionally the game’s major opponent may appear. You can gather character-specific match ingredients that can inflict more harm on foes.



You’ll see that there will be 5 different colored positions in the Best Fiends field. As a result, every slot will be filled by a different character and will easily adjust to the color you match. Filling any five holes will allow you to execute any strike with significant damage without having to worry too much about your tactical choices. Additionally, a new character will be unlocked and appear in front of your eyes after finishing a particular level.

There are numerous personalities you’ll encounter who have unique traits and stunning appearances. It will be a long journey for the gamer as they continue to complete levels and unlock new characters. Players will eventually encounter more and harder stages to attempt to complete. Additionally, there will always be new events that you should take part in to earn a limited number of goodies.

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