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In the Cooking Madness Mod APK, players serve customers who materialise before their eyes and go to various locations. They must comply with standards that get harder with each stage. Additionally, you can use your money to purchase other necessities.

cooking madness mod apk

Cooking Madness: Restaurant Games for Chefs

Cooking Madness is hosting the Frozen Fantasy event, which no one can possibly miss. During this event, you will be able to find a season pass, and by taking part in it, you will be able to earn some awesome gifts. It’s also important to note that Frosty, a brand-new special customer, has been added. You can unlock this character.


As the owner of a restaurant in Cooking Madness Mod APK, you will observe the many people as they go about their daily lives. It makes sense that your duty is to offer food to the guests you see. There will always be obstacles you must conquer, and you will earn compensation according to your degree of service. Although the gameplay is clearly understandable, it will take some practice to perfect and hone your reflexes.

The range of levels and locales available in this game is an intriguing feature that all players will appreciate. Each game screen has a distinct rating level that you must meet, and they are all required. While doing so,The star system is also crucial to this game because it enables you to go to other locations. To get there, you must amass the necessary number of stars.

Any place has its own unique landscape graphical features, and the player will find the adventure to be thoroughly appealing. Additionally, they won’t sell the prior food when they move to a new location; instead, they will learn how to manufacture fresh food using their brand-new experiences.

Cooking with finesse and flexibility

Cooking Madness Mod APK will provide you with detailed instructions on how to understand the game’s mechanics, so don’t play it unless you are completely familiar with everything that happens. You will provide your guests with a variety of foods and beverages, ensure that they are always in a pleasant mood while they are eating, and perform combinations to earn extra coins. Each meal and beverage has unique qualities at the same time.

A green meter shows how much time each prepared meal has to be finished, and after they are, a red meter shows how much of the food has burned. Should the dish burn, This feature does not appear in the drinks, therefore you will need to prepare a new meal in its place. The amount of dishes you can produce in the early rounds of the game is ultimately constrained as well.

The complexity of the meals in this game is one of the elements that call for talent on the side of players. You’ll notice that the dishes are initially presented fast and with a reasonable amount of components. However, you will find a variety of major components and several sub-components at more complicated levels. As a result, in order to accurately make meals and drinks, you must observe.


Cooking Madness has objectives for every level, and they are all quite different. You can serve guests with gold coins, and the value of each meal will change depending on how well it is received by the guests. The longer they wait, the more likely it is that they will leave and leave you with less money than you could have made that day. You will receive some satisfaction from other guests, therefore you must quickly attend to them.

Limiting the slots for cooking tools and dishes to store cooked foods is a given, as was noted above, and it will get better as you go through the upgrade process. You can find that upgraded things will have a variety of effects, such as faster processing times, more quantities, or higher prices that guests can pay. Additionally, you will start the upgrading from scratch when you move to a different area. Therefore, every site will always be starting over.

The person ahead is in for a challenging culinary journey:

Due to the allure of the surroundings and the dishes they can sample, many cooking places are tough for players to ignore.

  • Every time the player visits a new location, they are starting a new chapter in which they will learn more about it and carry on with the tasks given to them.
  • You may prepare a huge variety of foods, and as you practise, they will become more complex.
  • Each level’s requirements are different and are based on how well you satisfy your customers.
  • The things you can acquire will give you the chance to travel and make a lot of money.

What purpose does this game serve?

The goal is to enjoy yourself! You will begin by opening a little eatery in a remote area. The Cooking Madness game will take you through all that has occurred to bring the building in such fear if you prefer a little storytelling. Even the strongest hearts would break due to the poor management, the excessive cost, the lack of attention from the consumer, and every other sentimentalism. Alternately, you can bypass all of it and begin the game right away.

You’ll start getting into the cooking fever as soon as you settle in the awful eatery. You must first prepare the recipes, set up the aesthetics, and prepare yourself. Keep in mind that clients are always hungrier than you are and more eager than you are. Imagine a pack of ravenous lions entering a food-filled den. Indeed, it is that absurd. The quick-paced setting will get you to work quickly, but you’ll have so much fun that you’ll be grateful for them. Everything from the employees to the cooking equipment to the ingredients will need to be upgraded. The objective of the game? provide the best food possible in the shortest amount of time.

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