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If you are bored now with the old-school interface of your phone, it’s time to give a new look to your screen with Nova Launcher. It refreshes the interface of all apps and makes it easy to operate with gestures, layouts, and themes. 

It’s free and you can download it on Play Store. But if you want its premium version then you have to download Nova Launcher Prime Mod for free and you can download its latest version from our provided download link.

App Info

App Name Nova Launcher Prime Pro APK
Size 8MB
Updated 25 August 2022
Installations 5 million+
Compatible With Only Android
Mod Info Premium Unlocked 
Get Original Version On  Playstore

What is Nova Launcher Prime Mod APK?

Nova Launcher is a launcher app specialized for smartphones. It can refresh your phone using a better interface. There are many themes to customize, or you can use them without any theme.

You can give lots of gestures to your phone and can do lots of fun. Nova Launcher is the best app to customize your screen easily. You can give a new and fresh look to your phone all the way. 

If you want more features of Nova Launcher, then you can download Nova Launcher Prime Mod APK. It’s a simple and easy-to-use launcher app. It refreshes your phone’s interface of all apps and makes it easy to operate with gestures, layouts, and themes.

What is Nova Launcher Prime Mod APK?

Nova Launcher Prime Mod APK is the special edition of Nova Launcher, which has some added and important features to keep your phone fresh. It’s not available in the free version and it has all premium features unlocked that you can use for free. 

It’s easy to use and you can use it as a screen saver by changing the screen saver image or live wallpaper. You can get the latest version of Nova Launcher Prime Mod APK from our provided download link and enjoy its smooth and innovative interface.

Features of Nova Launcher Prime APK

Many other launcher apps don’t give us features that can be found in this launcher. Nova Launcher gives many features to use, and we will discuss the best features of Nova Launcher Prime APK.

1. Huge Library of Stylish Themes

The most important thing that impresses me is its large collection of themes. It provides a huge library where we can see stylish and unique themes. You can download it without paying anything. We can personalize our phones with hundreds of themes available on the Play Store.

Nova Launcher has a lot of themes that you can use as you like. You can use them or change the look of your screen according to your wish. You can pick a theme and use it or if you want you can mix them.

2. Customize App Icons

Nova Launcher comes with the ability to customize your phone icon easily. Users can download it from its premium version. You can make an icon as you want by using the layout or shape of the icon. One can make an icon with a curved shape by making it curved on the screen.

You can also change colors and shapes. With that, you can customize the application icon on your own. We can also add an icon to the dock. You can add an icon or a folder on your home screen. You can customize the app icon as you like.

3. Drag & Drop Styling

The next feature that impresses me is its ability to drag and drop. You can make all the apps on your phone, or you can place them in a place that you want. You can just drag the app and place it anywhere on your screen. Users can drop them on the screen to open them.

The launcher drawer is the place where you can organize apps easily in a folder. You can add them or remove them from the app drawer by just dragging and dropping them.

This is another amazing feature that is present in Nova Launcher. We can drag and drop files from one app to another. We can also drop the icon of an app on the home screen. You can also put an icon on the app drawer as you like.

4. Backup Themes, Lockscreen, and App Drawer

Users can also save their downloaded themes, app drawer, and the lock screen settings. You can find a menu in the Nova launcher where you can back up everything easily with a click. You can use this feature if you want to change from the current theme to another one and you want the same app drawer and lock screen settings.

Nova Launcher comes with a lot of themes that are enough to make a lot of difference in your phone. By using Nova Launcher, you can save your themes as backup on Dropbox. 

Users can back up with Nova Launcher for free. You don’t have to panic if anything wrong happens to your phone because you backed up all your themes in Nova Launcher. You can restore your theme from the backup easily.

5. Smart Gestures

With this launcher, you can give plenty of gestures to control different parts of your phone such as notifications, brightness, and more without touching your phone once. 

If you want to turn the screen on, then just swipe up the notification bar. With this gesture you can control brightness and if you want to turn the screen off swipe down. If you want to open any app then long press the icon and it will launch that app.

6. Dark & Light Mode

If you want each of your apps to work in dark mode or light color then Nova Launcher will let you do that. You can select the color you like for every app in the settings. If you want the app drawer to be in dark or light mode, then you can easily change it according to your wish.

Some of us have eye problems and we can’t see them in bright light. With this app, you can change the app drawer to a dark color if you have eye problems. You don’t have to worry about changing it as there are so many colors to choose from.

7. Optimized & Fast

The interface of any app looks much better than on your previous phone. Notification and the dock of your phone will look different. It has become much faster, and it has optimized speed. You can check the speed by using this app. The main benefit of this app is that it entirely improves the speed with which your phone works.

When I talk about speed, then it means the loading speed of your apps and how fast they will open. It enhances all the functions of your phone, and it increases the speed with which every feature will work.

8. No Ads

Users don’t have to see any ads on your phone or have any intrusive interstitial ads. You can download it for free, but you will not find any ads in the app. You don’t have to pay anything to get rid of the ads. It gives you a lot of premium features without showing any ads as well.

9. Add Amazing Effects & Animations

The most remarkable thing about Nova Launcher is that you can add amazing effects and animations to your phone. You can add a colorful interface by changing the layout and shape of the wallpaper. One can choose a background that makes his phone look elegant. You can make a color layout by using different colors on your layouts.

The app comes with amazing animations and effects for the launcher. You can also customize the launcher with animations and effects. With this app, you can make your phone look more beautiful.

10. Easy UI to Adapt Easily

You will see that Nova Launcher is very easy to use. It is very simple to select the theme and apply it to your phone. You don’t have to struggle with it and you can get used to it easily. It is not very difficult to use.

You don’t have to learn how to use the app again and again. The interface of the app is quite simple and easy. You can install it and can work with it easily as well. It comes with a lot of features, but you don’t have to worry about if it is easy or hard to use.


So, if you are searching for a good launcher app then you can download it’s an amazing app with lots of features. You should download its latest version to get all the features. If you want more premium features of Nova Launcher, then you can download Nova Launcher Prime Mod APK.

It’s easy to use, and it has a lot of features that are easy to access and can be used without any technical knowledge. Nova Launcher is the best app to customize your phone. 

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